David Bell, LCSW-C

Life can be a struggle because of our internal and interpersonal difficulties. It can also feel daunting to reach out to another for help. The courage it takes to reach out is already the change process in motion in your life. My approach focuses not simply on the shame, guilt, anxieties, doubt and traumas that bring you to psychotherapy, but what is right and where is the glimmer of change in your struggles and traumas. I address traumatic experience, grief, addiction, emotional disturbances, life adjustments, and interpersonal stressors. My approach is focused on transformation with a collaborative focus moment by moment with relational mindfulness.

Experiential-Dynamic Therapy is an active approach to change that focuses on the drive to change from the initial client-therapist meeting to cultivate new and corrective experiences from the get-go. It utilizes every aspect of both the therapist’s and client’s mind-body and emotional experience moment by moment and shines a light on what is good, right, and what is working rather than what is broken or dysfunctional.

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