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The Alpha-Stim has so much good science behind it, with many highly controlled clinical studies—this really proves its unique effectiveness for so many types of patients. And you can’t ignore the incredible safety record with no serious side effects. That’s why I recommend it to many of my patients.

Anita D. Spitz, MDChief Family Medicine Department Parrish Medical Center Titusville, Florida

Alpha-Stim delivers lasting results without dangerous side effects, tolerance, or addiction. In 30+ years and clinical studies involving more than 8,800 people, Alpha-Stim users have reported no serious side effects. The two most common side effects were headaches (0.1%) and skin irritation at the electrode sites (0.07%, only seen in light-skinned people).

And Alpha-Stim is so easy to use, you can administer it yourself at home while relaxing, reading, using a computer or watching TV. Built-in safety features ensure that the device is functioning properly. Small and portable, Alpha-Stim is easy to take with you, wherever you go.

A Cost-effective Solution

Over a five year period, Alpha-Stim users can save thousands of dollars compared with drugs and other treatments typically used for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. When you consider the results that are possible with the Alpha-Stim and the safety of the therapy, it’s clear why we believe there’s no better value available.