Joye Kowalski, LGPC

As human beings, our greatest longing is to be seen and heard. My philosophy as a clinician is that we have the power to heal ourselves, we just need the right support and connection to do so. I strive to create a collaborative and confidential relationship with my clients, working together to uncover the underlying issues and their root causes. We then create a path to healing that is comfortable for each individual using a variety of techniques. The therapeutic relationship is the most important part of the experience, and I strive to help my clients feel safe in a non-judgmental environment. Adults with varying struggles such as anxiety, depression, anger, grief, trauma, eating disorders, ADHD and relationship issues are invited to work with me on this journey.

I am an LGPC with a master’s degree in clinical and mental health from Johns Hopkins University. I have a coaching certificate from the Attention Deficit Disorder Coaching Academy (ADDCA) in ADHD coaching. In addition, I have ten years work experience in Corporate America and seventeen years life experience as a spouse and mother.